Live in the moment.

Live in the moment.

Moonlight and stars can make such a fool of me. You shouldn't let me dream 'cause I'm too romantic; don't make me fall unless it could all come true.

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Jennifer Aniston’s adorable reaction when the FRIENDS themesong was played on the set of We’re The Millers.



Here is a playlist I’ve made.

EYES BOX— is a collection of theme songs from [some of] my favorite tv series [the others are themes of tv series as well that I may or may not watch in the future — did my research and the songs used were good so I included it as well. ]

It’s my first time to create a playlist and design the album artwork as well and I had a lot of fun doing it! I hope you guys enjoy. 

  • Bad Reputation- Joan Jett
  • Greenback Boogie- Ima Robot
  • I Don’t Wanna Be- Gavin DeGraw
  • I’ll Be There For You- The Rembrandts
  • In the Street- Cheap Trick
  • Second Chance- Peter, Bjorn and John
  • Short Skirt/Long Jacket- Cake
  • Superman- Lazlo Bane
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name- Gary Portnoy
  • Woke Up This Morning- From The Sopranos
  • You’ve Got Time- Regina Spektor

You can download the playlist HERE

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Bought She’s Only Sixteen’s EP a while ago and absolutely enjoying it, playing all five songs non-stop! I wish there were more songs though. I’ve heard them for the first time in Wanderland and absolutely loved them! So lucky I got one of the stickers they’re giving out hehe looking forward to hearing more songs from them live as they were such great performers. 

And also, do you guys know that we can buy OPM songs off internet? Yes? So it’s just me who has been living inside a cave? Okay. Just discovered the wonder that is MyMusic Philippines website and buying songs have never been so convenient. Smart subscribers can use their phone credits! How cool is that? And it’s a tad bit cheaper than buying songs off iTunes haha so yay well done, Philippines! 

(I would upload the acoustic version but I’m only using mobile data so I’ve been having troubles haha I might edit this later when I get a decent internet connection. MIGHT.)